Friday, August 7, 2015

Sew Adventuruous (3): Adventures with Knits

You guessed it, I'm at it again! Sewing that is!!

I think I may be obsessed with sewing. While it can be somewhat nerve racking when it comes to cutting the fabric (you on get one chance to get it right there) and piecing the pieces together (correctly), it is really empowering to actually complete a project and have it turn out well.

This time, well, I could not not purchase this remnant roll of a yard of knit fabric. For one thing, it only cost me $2.99 and secondly, I knew that it would be more than enough fabric to make myself a skirt. While I had never used knits before, I really wanted my own "Short Girl Maxi-Midi Skirt" because they looked oh so sweatpants that can be dressed up for church

Maybe one day, since I have (wait for it) more knit fabric (that I got for an even better price), I'll share more on the craziness that goes into me preparing for a sewing project. *though you may have to ask/remind me*

Skirt project aside.

Let's catch up on other that this is my 1900th post here at The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia. Or how about, how in October my blog will be seven years old (where did the time go!). Seriously between planning for Christmas projects/presents that I'm making for my sisters, reading and all things blog related, I am crazy busy lately!

Mainly, there has been a lot of flailing, reading, and crafting around here lately! What can I say, reading and crafting both making me flail either in excitement or exasperation.

So, tell me, what's going on in your world? Any fun plans you have for the last bit of summer? Come on do share on what's been up with you guys. 

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