Saturday, October 10, 2015

On My Mind (4): SHERLOCK

As one can probably presume from the header of this post, I have decided to start doing discussion posts here on The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia. Call it me trying to let y'all inside my head and to start a dialog with you my fellow readers.

Okay, so, if you've been following me on Twitter than you already know that I decided to give the show Sherlock another chance to impress me. Well, let me just say this: I NOW UNDERSTAND WHY IT'S SO POPULAR!!!

The first time I tried watching Sherlock a few years ago it didn't go very well. I was not a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes or Martin Freeman as John Watson. It really just did not work for me. Yet, after seeing him in Star Trek, as well, as seeing Martin Freeman in the Hobbit movies I decided it was time to it another shot. Let's just say, the second chance watching went very well!!

I ended up loving the show so much that I'm (sadly) already up to season three in my binge watching of Sherlock (thank you library). While I have really enjoyed seeing this modern take on the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, it has been the overall story-arcs and the interactions between Sherlock and Watson that have really sold me on the show. I just love the banter and craziness that goes in each episode!! Yet, as I draw closer to the end of available episodes I cannot help but wonder when/if more seasons are on the way. Because let's face it, if I'm thinking I need more of the show in my life, how are you guys who watched it when it premiered holding up?!?!

I have not been this excited over a show since I started watching Doctor Who!! Like I cannot wait to watch more and yet I want it to last forever!! Surprisingly enough, I have managed to not have any of the episodes spoiled for me. Shocking I know. Sure, I knew the big season two ender and season three surprise....reason being I read the books! I would have been more surprised if things had gone a different way in regards to that!

Okay, now that I have flailed my newly found love of Sherlock all over the internet today I think I'll be kicking off my watching of Season three tonight!! Is my heart ready for the next installment? I'm not sure, but I do know that I cannot wait any longer to see what happens next. Plus, I really just want need more of this show in my life!!!

Before I go: Do you watch Sherlock? Do you love it or did you drop it?? I need to know!!!!!

P.S. Feel free to flail about the show with me!!!

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  1. Yes, I love Sherlock! Maybe one day we'll get a forth season. XD

    Annie @ Indoor Sojourner


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