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A Vintage Reads Review: The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After

The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After (Cecelia and Kate, 3) by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevemer, November 1, 2006. Published by Harcourt. Source: Own
Ten years have passed since Kate and Cecy married Thomas and James, and England is now being transformed by the first railways. When the Duke of Wellington asks James to look into the sudden disappearance of a German railway engineer, James and Cecy's search reveals a shocking truth ...

The railway lines are wreaking havoc with ancient underground magical ley lines, which could endanger the very unity of England. Meanwhile, Kate has her hands full taking care of all their children, not to mention the mysterious mute girl Drina, rescued from a kidnapper! The letters between Kate and Cecy, and between their husbands, blend magic, mystery, adventure, humor, and romance.
First Sentence:
Dear Kate,.
    It was splendid to see you and Thomas and your boys again this fortnight past.

I'm terrible when it comes to sharing my thoughts on books I receive as gifts and ones that I buy for myself. Which is why I am only just now talking about The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After...even though I read it back in January.

All year, well, at least since I read The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After, I have been wanting to share my thoughts on it. I just never quite got around to it till now as I just did not know where to begin when it came down to it. Not finding the "right" words seems to happen often when I'm most excited about a book.

If you've been around my blog the last three years, then you'll know that I stumbled upon the Cecelia and Kate series by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevemer between moves. I just fell in love with the characters, the world, and how the story was told via letters between Kate and Cecelia. Add in the historical feel mixed with magic. Ah, all of these created such a fun book to read; the writing was also really well done.

Talking about this book is just making me want to reread the entire series just to re-experience everything.

While the first two books were clearly young adult, I am having a hard time pegging this one as YA. Not because of content; more because both Kate and Cecelia are ten years older, married and with kids. When I look at it like that, I have a hard time calling it a young adult title. And yet, I would still say that young adult readers would love it.

Hands down, one of the best things about the plot is how the four main characters are still ready for adventure and to save the day. I really liked how even though they were miles apart and happily settled down with kids of their own, they still wanted adventure and were willing to do what needed doing to set things to rights.

Really, there was just so many reasons for me to enjoy this book. Chief among them being the writing and storytelling of the two authors. While the third book was not what I was expecting-not by a long-shot-, I ended up enjoying it because I loved the progression of the characters story's and how, like some of my other favorite series, they grew throughout the books. It was quite nice to "see" them mature and set out on their prospective courses rather then having them eternally the same age from book-to-book. *looking at you long series where characters never age and time never really moves forward*

Truly, if you want an exciting historical fantasy book, then one should look no further than Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevemer's Cecelia and Kate series. As they do one amazing job of blending an alternate-historical 19th century England with wit, humor, great characters, and just the right amount of magic and adventure. I cannot recommend this wonderful book, and series, enough!!!

Final Verdict: The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After- It is magical and perfect...and everyone just needs to read this series!! Probably the most fun I've had with a whim bookish purchase.

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The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After earns

Hey, so, I own this book and wanted to share my thoughts on it. All thoughts are my own.

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