Friday, December 11, 2015

On My Mind (5): When You Can't Like Them All

I don't know what happened this year but there were some really bad books out there. There's just no other way to put it then the fact that I had a run-in with some not so great titles. Seriously though, I'm pretty sure this has been my worst year for books with no 5-star fictions reads and 11 (yes, eleven) DNF'd books.
Some of the books that I ended up not finishing were one's that I decided to, against my gut feeling, give a chance. I thought maybe I was just being prejudiced against them by not at least giving them a shot. No. JUST NO. I should have never even cracked open the cover of some of these. While I may be smirking over my folly in book choices now, there were some that I wasn't even able to make it more then ten pages in.

My biggest problem with a lot of the books I cut loose were that the stories were just bad and poorly done. I didn't like the concept, characters, writing, or the underlying messages of the books. Some of the books were so infuriating that I wanted to fling them across the room. Sorry to say that I could not do that since a good chunk of them were, thank goodness, library books (not sure I would want to explain that kind of book damage to the librarians).

To be honest, I was so disappointed in many of these, especially since there were some of them that I was really excited to read. The rest of them, well, let's just say that curiosity won out a few times and led me astray.

No, I will not be linking to or mentioning the titles I DNF'd this year. I just really wanted to vent and move on from the duds as the year draws to a close in hopes that next year will be full of bookish awesomeness. Though if you are curious, I have reviewed most of them and you can easily find them by searching the blog for "DNF".

So, was it just me this year or did any of y'all see an increase in DNF worthy titles? Please, oh please, tell me I wasn't alone with the bad books!!!

On a lighter note, now when a bad book is before my eyes I just so happen to see/hear this AMV C-Loathing in my head. It is awesome and definitely worth a watch and listen.

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