Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wish List Wednesday: Clairel

Clariel (Abhorsen, 4) by Garth Nix, October 14, 2014. Published by HarperCollins.
Sixteen-year-old Clariel is not adjusting well to her new life in the city of Belisaere, the capital of the Old Kingdom. She misses roaming freely within the forests of Estwael, and she feels trapped within the stone city walls. And in Belisaere she is forced to follow the plans, plots and demands of everyone, from her parents to her maid, to the sinister Guildmaster Kilp. Clariel can see her freedom slipping away. It seems too that the city itself is descending into chaos, as the ancient rules binding Abhorsen, King and Clayr appear to be disintegrating.

With the discovery of a dangerous Free Magic creature loose in the city, Clariel is given the chance both to prove her worth and make her escape. But events spin rapidly out of control. Clariel finds herself more trapped than ever, until help comes from an unlikely source. But the help comes at a terrible cost. Clariel must question the motivations and secret hearts of everyone around her - and it is herself she must question most of all. 
Why: I may be still catching up on the series, but if books 2&3 are anywhere near as good as Abhorsen was then I can assure you that I will be needing to get my hands of Clariel. I'm sure I'll love the rest of the series since Garth Nix is, in fact, one of my favorite authors!!


  1. I'm so curious! I've actually never read any Garth Nix books. I really need to check them out especially since I own a few. I love these kinds of stories.

    1. You most definitely should read his work!!!He has so many great books out there!! My favorites are Abhorsen and Shade's Children, and, his Seventh Tower series!!

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Lisette!! Hope you'll give Garth Nix's writing a chance!! =)


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