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All About Middle Grade Review: Witherwood Reform School

Witherwood Reform School (Witherwood Reform School, 1) by Obert Skye, March 3, 2015. 240 pages. Published by Henry Holt & Co. BYR. Source: ARC from publisher.
After a slight misunderstanding involving a horrible governess, oatmeal, and a jar of tadpoles, siblings Tobias and Charlotte Eggars find themselves abandoned by their father at the gates of a creepy reform school. Evil mysteries are afoot at Witherwood, where the grounds are patrolled by vicious creatures after dark and kids are locked in their rooms. Charlotte and Tobias soon realize that they are in terrible danger—especially because the head of Witherwood has perfected the art of mind control.

If only their amnesiac father would recover and remember that he has two missing children. If only Tobias and Charlotte could solve the dark mystery and free the kids at Witherwood—and ultimately save themselves.
First Sentence:
Some prologues are just for show, bit of writing that come at the beginning of books directly before the good stuff. 

It really isn't surprising, but, Witherwood Reform School got misplaced in my review stack. Yet, when I first cracked it open, I knew I was going to enjoy it because the narration just captured my attention from the first sentence.

I pretty much devoured this one in four hours of reading time. Yes, I greatly enjoyed reading Witherwood Reform School! Sure, Charlotte and Tobias did some stupid things that were ill thought out, of course who hasn't, but I still found it to be quite the entertaining  read.

One of the reasons I found myself so caught up in this book was Charlotte and Tobias. I just really liked that both of them not only got along, but, how mischievous they were when together. It is always nice to see books where siblings get along; even though they brought so much trouble upon themselves.

I really liked that this book was more than funny. It at times toyed with my feelings as Tobias and Charlotte were going through so much-loss, anger over being left. Witherwood Reform School just hooked me from the get-go because who doesn't love the idea of a creepy, old school that no one wants to go near. And the school, let's just say that there is no way to describe, without spoiling the book, the craziness that lurks behind the gates.

After devouring Witherwood Reform School I may have to look into reading more of Obert Skye's work. His writing was entertaining and just pulled me right into the story. His writing made me laugh like mad, even when things were looking quite bleak for Tobias and Charlotte. Simply because there was something about his writing that just captured things in a humorous way...until he decided to hit you in the feels with backstory.

Final verdict: Witherwood Reform School- Sometimes you grab the book you need to read, for me, this book was such a fast paced, impossible to put down read. I really enjoyed not only the story and writing but also the characters.

Witherwood Reform School earns

An ARC of this book was received in consideration for review. All thoughts are my own.

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