Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wish List Wednesday: The Crossing

The Crossing (Daughters of the Sea, 4) by Kathryn Laskey, April 28, 2015. Published by Scholastic.
Three sisters bound by something more powerful than blood---a secret as deep as the ocean.

Once a maid, Hannah is now engaged to a talented painter. But although both were born mer, Stannish has severed ties to the sea and insists that Hannah do the same. Torn between love and the Laws of Salt, Hannah must make a choice that can only lead to heartbreak.

Lucy grew up longing to swim, but her mother believed that girls belonged in the drawing room, not the ocean, and took drastic measures to keep Lucy's identity a secret. Now it's up to Lucy's sisters to save her, before she succumbs to landsickness . . . or the executioner's noose. 
Why: I have been wanting to know how this series plays out for ages now. While I would love to get my hands on a copy of The Crossing, because I need answers, this book is looking to be hard to find.

Question- Was it published in hardback? Everywhere I look all I see is ebook this, ebook that. And that is TOTALLY unacceptable!!!!

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