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A Vintage Reads YA Review: Night of the Twisters

Night of the Twisters by Ivy Ruckman, December 3, 2003 (originally published September 5, 1984). 160 pages. Published by HarperCollins. Source: Own/Bought.
When a tornado watch is issued one Tuesday evening in June, twelve-year-old Dan Hatch and his best friend, Arthur, don't think much of it. After all, tornado warnings are a way of life during the summer in Grand Island, Nebraska. But soon enough, the wind begins to howl, and the lights and telephone stop working. Then the emergency siren starts to wail. Dan, his baby brother, and Arthur have only seconds to get to the basement before the monstrous twister is on top of them. Little do they know that even if they do survive the storm, their ordeal will have only just begun. . . .
First Sentence:
When I was a little kid, I thought a red-letter day was when you got a red letter in the mailbox.

You have no idea how nervous I was about rereading Night of the Twisters. SO NERVOUS!! I remembered loving this book to pieces and used to reread it a few times throughout the year...until my copy died a horrible "I've been read too many times and fell apart" book death.

I am ecstatic to say that I adored this book every bit as much as the last time I read it. Ah, I cannot even begin to tell you how elated this makes me feel as I had been searching high and low for a replacement copy for, well, entirely too long. I could not draw my eyes away from the page as things quickly went from good to bad.

What really makes Night of the Twisters such a thrilling read is that it is based off a real event, though loosely, and that Ivy Ruckman just captured the intense situation that Dan, Arthur, and everyone in their town went through during that night. 

I was actually quite surprised that it was still such an breath-stealing read!! One of my fears about rereading Night of the Twisters was that it would not be a thrilling as it was when I first read it at ten (on one of it's reprintings).

This is one of the books that I have the most vivid memory of reading. When I first read it, I did not realize that it was based partly/mostly on a true story. I just knew that the story drew me in because I needed to know if they would not only survive the night but if they would happily be reunited with their families. I was also a book that my mom and I read together/individually because we both enjoyed it.

I cannot recommend this book enough, guys!! Between the writing and the plot, this book just makes your heart pound because it is that intense. Personally, I thought Ivy Ruckman did a wonderful job capturing the emotions that ran through all the characters. It wasn't pretty; which was to be expected given what they lived through.

My thoughts are just all over the place here, forgive me, but that's the only way I could talk about this book I quite love.

Final Verdict: Night of the Twisters- While it may be an old title, I cannot recommend this one enough! The writing and story just pull you in, and, it is like no other book I, personally, have read before. 

Night of the Twisters earns
Hey, so, I bought this book and really wanted to talk about it.

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