Friday, April 1, 2016

On My Mind (7): Anime & Feb/March Wrap-Up

Alas! I had every intention of writing a wrap-up post for February, but life won out and I never got a chance to write one. So, I decided just to do February and March together and to talk about the anime I've been watching lately.

Also, I redesigned the banner for "On My Mind" and am quite pleased with the way it turned out. Though I do miss the griffons that flanked the last banner.

February Wrap-up

To be honest, February was a long long month. It saw me elbow deep into a Bible study on the Eucharist that took up the majority of my reading time. It's so in-depth that we are only just now rolling into the final week of the study. It also saw that beginning of soccer practices for the new year; though I missed a lot because I had only recently gotten off crutches. I didn't break anything, I just really hurt my bad knee and the doctor wanted me to take it easy...I'm not good at that...

Reading-wise, I don't think I actually got all that much reading in.

But what I did read was-

March Wrap-up -

March, well, it was a train wreck of a month. Looking back, that is somewhat, okay a total, exaggeration. It started off rough, had a glimmer of awesomeness, and then got weird. I won't go into too  many details, but let's just suffice it to say that a nasty virus swept the house; and I hurt my good knee. The month was not all bad, it just had some strange happenings that kind of took the wind out of everyone's sail momentarily. 

Reading-wise, oh dear Lord!! I barely read anything this month. I am not even joking!! I just didn't have time and nothing was catching my interest. March was a reading fail!!!

Pride and Prejudice was read as a buddy read for #ReadJane. I'm considering seeing if putting together another classic book buddy read is in the future. It was just so much fun to read Jane Austen with some awesome people that I really would love to do it again.

Not only do I have an addiction to reading and obtaining books, but, I also am pretty addicted to anime. While I don't normally talk about the shows I watch on here, except for that time I talked about Sherlock

This is something you may not have guessed. But, I have been fortunate enough to be able to attend to anime conventions over the last two years. I actually got up the nerve, okay more like I finished it, to cosplay at the one I attended last year. SO MUCH FUN!! I'm in the current stages of plotting out two or three new cosplays right now.

Anime-wise, I have watched a crazy amount of anime lately. While some of the shows are drawing to a close, there are still some with a couple episodes left in the season (prepares heart for all the feels). 

Anime Watched this year
Like I said, I watch a ton of anime. It doesn't help that my sister is constantly insisting that I watch certain shows so we can discuss them. I really don't mind though. 

There you have it, my last two months of craziness plus books and anime. I truly hope that March has treated you kinder than it treated me. Tell me what have you been up to? Did you read anything incredible? Seriously though, I have talked more than enough about myself and want to hear all about you!! <3 div="">


  1. I actually used to work at an Anime company (ADV Films) that dubbed English. It was the most fun but it was YEARS ago so I'm not up on the current anime out there. I haven't watched in forever but I do miss it. I always used to really appreciate it and find it to have some of the best story arcs.

  2. Sounds like you've had a crazy couple of months with being busy to injuries and sicknesses so hopefully April will bring you some luck! Although you didn't read many books, I do love the selection you have!

  3. Sounds like you had a rough couple of months unfortunately :( I hope all the bad luck has passed your way and your enjoying April! Loving your reading choices though and I don't watch anime but it all looks very cool!

  4. Great book choices this month I have to check some of these out!


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