Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I Want to Read It (14): Sealed with a Secret

I Want to Read It, a hybrid between WLW (or WOW) and what's on my to-be read pile. Well, instead of focusing just on books I would like to acquire, I will be using it to feature books that I just want to read. From the one's I want to buy to the one's sitting on my TBR at home.

Sealed with a Secret by Lisa Schroeder, April 26, 2016. Published by Scholastic Press. 
When Phoebe finds a beautiful antique at a flea market, she's not sure whether it's as valuable as it looks. But inside she discovers something truly amazing -- a letter from WWII, from a young girl to her sister, who has been evacuated from London. The letter includes a "spell" for bringing people closer together, a list of clues leading all through the city. Each stop along the way adds up to magic.
Phoebe is stunned by the discovery. Not only is it an amazing piece of history, the letter is exactly what she needs -- she is also separated from her sister, though not by distance. Alice will be leaving for university soon, and in the meantime, she seems to want nothing to do with Phoebe. They used to be so close! But now that Phoebe has this magical list -- maybe she can try the spell herself, and make everything go back to the way it was!

Why: Last month, I read my first Lisa Schroeder book, The Girl i the Tower. Since I quite enjoyed it, I decided why not see what else she's written. Which brings me to Sealed with a Secret. I admit that I am really intrigued with this one, as the sister aspect has piqued my curiosity. I will definitely be checking my library to see if they have a copy.

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