Thursday, May 5, 2016

On My Mind (8): April, it was Something... Wrap-Up

To be honest, April was not the best month. It looked so promising at first, then things just went crazy. It was something.
So, what happened last month that made it so infamous. Well, let's start at the beginning.....

I was playing soccer and hurt my knee. The verdicts still out on what exactly I did to it (could be anywhere from a sprain to a torn ligament). It put me on crutches for three weeks. One month later and I'm still waiting to know just how long I'm out from soccer.

One of my dogs ended up having two surgeries in one week. He had to have a bump removed from his back that ended up requiring more work then the vet originally thought. Two days later he managed to open the wound. Which earned him a trip to the doggy ER. Second surgery was a blessing in disguise, as his regular vet saw more infection and removed said tissue. He's healing up great. It was just super stressful (still is).

Now onto the good stuff

While I may not have broken any reading records last month, I can say that my reading was quite enjoyable. I went through a graphic novel binge and it was great.
With the exception of Library Wars, Vol. 1, all of these books were by authors that I had never read before. My favorites were easily The Stonekeeper, Five Times Revenge, and The Girl in the Tower. These three books were impossible to set aside and were quickly devoured. 

April ended up being a month of binge watching anime that I own. Being laid up in bed, I had nothing better to do then watch hours upon hours of my favorite anime. And, what better way to binge anime then to have zero commercials to deal with!!
I admit, I re-watched all of those in maybe ten days. Like I said, there wasn't much else that I could do. 

April wasn't all bad. There were some good points like, umm, I'm sure there was something good!! Like not fracturing my kneecap, Finn doing well with two surgeries days apart. Reading about the Inquisition and all the graphic novels. Let's not forget all the gummy bears that were consumed!!

It was a weird month, but there's so much to be thankful for.

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