Thursday, May 19, 2016

This Book Is So (10): Those Poor Characters

You know sometimes you're in the middle of a book and are just about to explode with feelings, be they good or bad, and you just want get them out there and no one is willing to listen. Well, that's what "This Book is So" is for; tell us how your current read is making you feel. Are you head over heels in love with, feeling kind of 'meh' about it, or maybe it's making you feel rage-y.

So, I may or not be reading part of a series that lots of y'all love. Yes, I'm being secretive about my current read as I'm only one hundred pages in, and hoping that it'll stick better than the last two books I tried reading.

I'll just be over here, reading the book and teasing y'all by not telling you what I'm reading. *laughs manically* 

As I started reading, I could not help but realize that maybe, just maybe, I should have read it closer to book two, Because I seem to have forgotten what happened last.

Then I remembered, and started feeling bad/worrying about will befall the characters of the course of the book. I'm thinking things are not going to go well with them.

Yet even though I know the characters are in for a rough ride, you may find me grinning because I'm mean like that (to book characters).

Final feeling regarding current read. A sense of optimism that this book will grab my attention and want me to keep reading. Lately, things have been so crazy, that when I do read nothing is pulling me in.

Here's a hint (or two): It's a young adult title this time, instead of another middle grade one. And, as I said, it is from quite the popular series.  

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