Thursday, June 16, 2016

Make Me Read It Read-A-Thon 2016

I am so excited that Val (from the Innocent Smiley) and Ely (from Tea and Titles) are hosting, again, the Make Me Read It Read-A-Thon!! Huzzah!! This was actually one of my favorite bookish things from last year. Trust me, you want to participate in this read-a-thon. It's fun and a great way to read down your tbr. All without having to make the final decision of "What should I read?!?"

It gave me a great opportunity to make time for some much neglected books from my personal TBR. Same as last year, I'll be taking book options, for ya'll to vote upon, from the massive list of books I own and have not read.

I cannot wait to see what y'all will pick for me to read this year!! I don't know how many I'll be able to read, but I really just want to make a dent in the old TBR!!!

This year, the books to vote on are.......

Make Me Read...

Magic Marks the Spot (mg)
The Flame and the Key (mg)
Mark of the Thief (mg)
A Spy in the House (ya)
Starters (ya)
Deadly (ya)
Dark Goddess (ya)
Deception (ya)
Daughter of Xanadu (ya)
Drowned Vault (mg)
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  1. Have fun with your read-a-long! You have some great contenders listed! It seems like a fun one, but I'm such a mood reader, I could not stick with what people had picked for me. Have fun!

    - Elizabeth @ Book Yabber

  2. I think I might have voted for different books yesterday! urgh. Happy reading!

  3. Voted! I hope you love whatever you get to! :)

    I'll be joining this readathon, too! :)


  4. I unfortunately haven't read any of these, but I picked Starters because it looks interesting. :-)
    I'm participating as well; if you'd like to vote on my books, you can see the post here: https://abookwormsperfectapple.wordpr...
    -Amy :-)

  5. Thank you for joining again! I haven't seen any of these books, so I basically voted on title and cover alone hahah. My vote went to Daughter of Xanadu, many because there's an Asian girl on the cover, and I am Asian. Isn't that a great reason? Hahaha.

    I can't wait to see what books are picked!

  6. Yay, i voted. You have some good choices in there. :)

  7. The pirate book looks really fun! Hope you enjoy it!

    I'd love if you would vote on my list! :) -

  8. I love your choices! Hope you enjoy! Please stop by MY Blog to vote as well thanks! :)


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