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A Vintage Reads YA Review: Something Wicked

Something Wicked (A Horatio Wilkes Mystery, 1) by Alan Gratz, September 3, 2009 (originally published October 16, 2008). 288 pages. Published by Puffin Books. Source: Own.
Horatio Wilkes has come to the Scottish Highland Festival with his childhood friend Mac for games, girls, and gallivanting. But before the Celtic festivities can get under way, Mac?s grandfather and founder of the games, Duncan MacRae, is brutally murdered. All signs point to Duncan?s son, Malcolm, as the killer, but Horatio has his doubts. Between Mac, his controlling girlfriend Beth, and their parents, it seems like everyone has something to hide. Set against the vivid backdrop of the Tennessee mountains, Something Wicked is a thrilling adventure with all the sinister twists, turns, and tragedies of Shakespeare?s Macbeth.
First Sentence:
History is full of guys who did stupid things for women.

Almost eight years ago, yes it has been that long, I, albeit poorly, reviewed Something Rotten on my blog. While the review doesn't do the book justice because it was from the beginning of my blogging, like year one, it was quite the interesting read. Now, well now I'm here to talk about the sequel, Something Wicked, of which I finally read (seven years later). *shhh*
"By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes."
~ Macbeth, Act 4, scene IV
  • Even though I really enjoyed Something Wicked, I liked it less than the first one. Reason being, there was more, well, suggestive language than the first book had. I was a little surprised at that as the last one only had a few moments like that, while this one went just a little too far with the suggestive themes. Or maybe, that's just how teenage boys are. I really can't say either way.
  • Beyond that, I really liked the setting of this one and how it took place at the highland games. If you've never been to a highland games event you should really remedy that (pretty interesting stuff there). 
  • Guys, the mystery surrounding the murder in Something Wicked was chilling!! Oh my gosh!! The progression from pre-murder to Horatio trying to solve the crime was, in a nutshell, pretty intense. What made it so intense was that it was done in such a coldblooded way that gave me absolute chills. Yeah, it was really well done; creepy as can be but really well done nonetheless. 
  • Personally, I loved Horatio. His personality was, well, it was entertaining as he had this blunt/dry humor. Plus, he ability to get caught up in danger made for some interesting reading. While it was entertaining to see him get caught up in things, it was also sad because what he did caused repercussions that he failed to see as he couldn't let things go. Ah,  poor, poor Horation!!
  • As much as I enjoyed Something Wicked, it left me wishing that Alan Gratz would write just one more Horatio Wilkes mystery. I am just not ready to say goodbye to this character and the mysteries that he found himself involved in. So in short, this series was so well written and entertaining that more would not be amiss (even after all these years). 
Final Verdict: Something Wicked- I cannot recommend this series enough! Alan Gratz does an epic job building tension and bringing an entertaining spin to Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Something Wicked earns

This book was dusted off from my tbr as I own a copy of it. All thoughts are my own.

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