Thursday, August 4, 2016

On My Mind (10): Letter to My TBR

My Dearest TBR,

It seems that it has been some time since I last grabbed a book from your overflowing stacks. It isn't that I no longer wish to read the treasures that your are hoarding. All those sparkly titles are still lined up calling my name, but you know how the siren call of rereading is something I cannot resist when the mood strikes me.

I jut love diving back into worlds that I love and learning more about the characters that inhabit them. There's always been something magical to me, which you know, about seeing what new detail will strike me with a fresh look at an old book. Saying no to rereading, well, it would be like turning down gummy bears or, gasp, not asking for more books for Christmas or my birthday.

I know you get grumpy when I neglect you for books I've read countless times before. But worry not, as you know I always return to the new adventures that you have waiting for me. Call it a break. Call it a moment of reminiscing.....just don't worry as I'll be back and ready for new worlds and adventures before you know it.

So I ask you, dearest TBR, to wait just a little longer for me and continue to hoard the shiny precious like a dragon guarding their treasure.

Yours with affection,

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  1. Pfft, I think your bookshelf will be thrilled to have you read any book, even if you're re-reading! :) I love re-reading as well, because you know the story so there are no nasty surprises, and you can find comfort in familiar characters and familiar worlds.


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