Thursday, August 18, 2016

This Book Is SO (11): Long...and Things are Getting DARK

You know sometimes you're in the middle of a book and are just about to explode with feelings, be they good or bad, and you just want get them out there and no one is willing to listen. Well, that's what "This Book is So" is for; tell us how your current read is making you feel. Are you head over heels in love with, feeling kind of 'meh' about it, or maybe it's making you feel rage-y.

Things have been a little crazy this week, so, I decided that it was high time that I continued my reread of one of my favorite series. My reread was put on hold in January because, well, I was distracted by pretty shiny new books that I acquired for Christmas. 

  1. It's a decently sized series
  2. This is one of the longest, if not the longest, book in the series.
  3. The foreshadowing is just brilliant in this series.
  4. It was one series that my sisters and I bonded over while reading. One of the few that we all collectively enjoyed.

Inner dialogue as I resume my reread of favorite series. Oh gosh, I just remembered that this will get even darker in the next one..... *sobs*

When you remember that some of your favorite characters will meet their end in the next few books...before you even get to said books. Why'd you have to off them, dear author?!?!? WHY?!?!?

When you just cannot wait for the sassy dialogue to happen, and, just replay the sassy parts in your head when not immersed in what's actually happening in the book (i.e. not currently reading it)

That moment when you realize that even after all this time you still get emotional when you think of the book, nay the entire series and how incredible it was and still is. 

I am so sure that y'all know what book  series I'm talking about here. But doesn't it just hit you in the feels each and every time you read it! I know that it is one I will always dearly love because each time I read it something new comes to light.

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