Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Books of 2016 (PT 1): On the Importance of Walking Away from Bad Books

To be quite honest, 2016 was a rather terrible reading year for me. There were countless books that I started and then DNF'd, one's that I shelved for "later", and still more yet that I just never had the time to even start. That's not to say that the entire year was a reading bust, just that it could have been better,

While I know that most people don't mention the "bad" books when recapping their reading year, I could not, well, not mention them. Why? Because with how little time I had for reading last year, I actually got to the point where I could tell say "This book is worth my precious reading time; this one, not so much". Which in the long run was really great as it gave me more time to read what would be bring me enjoyment and not feel like a detestable chore.

I guess you could save that I believe even the not so great moments are worth remembering. It gives one a clear reminder of what is really important and how one's time should be well spent. My hope with this new year is to only read the books that will leave me satisfied not only as a reader and that will offer me something that I need.

Frankly I do want to remember what did not work for me as a reader or as a person. It is through failure and trial upon trial that we learn what we can do; it is through pain that we learn to bend without breaking. So, be it reading and blogging or just life in general. I am going to carry whatever cross is laid upon me and continue forward. For He never gives you a load that will break you; the Lord is always by your side waiting for you to stretch out your hand for His assistance. That is why I choose to remember the not so great things. Last year was a tough year, but not the worst year of my life.

I may have gotten somewhat sidetracked from what this post was supposed to be about. But I feel no need to apologize for where it went; somethings just need to be said you know. If I had started all the new books I had planned, there's a strong chance that I would have DNF'd more books than I did. These are the books that did not work for me last year. That's not to say that they're terrible books, just that they were not what I was hoping for.

Gena/Finn by  Hannah Moskowitz & Kat Helgenson-
Perhaps I would have made it past the first page if the format had been done differently. Alas, I just cannot abide reading books told through the format of messages. Or one's the have swearing in the first sentence. In short, this one was just not meant for me.

Blood Will Tell by April Henry-
I was most disappointed in this one because the first book was pretty interesting. While I have not had a moment to write up my full thoughts on why it failed to hold my interest, we can suffice it for now with this. The story and characters fell flat compared to the first one and just did not pack the punch to garner more of my time.

These Vicious Masks by Tarun Shanker & Kelly Zekas-
And yet another book that I failed to care about. The first page (you seeing a theme here) just failed to capture my fleeting interest as it read like fifty-billion other supernatural themed young adult books that have failed to earn more than a disgusted eye roll from me.

The August Five by Jenna Helland-
I was super not impressed with the sixty plus pages I read of this one. It read pretty much exactly like another (popular) book. To the the point where it felt like a cheap knock-off...or like in anime when they rename restaurants just enough to stay out of trouble. This book bothered me in that déjà vu way; hence why I read so much of it before walking away.

Do All the Good You Can by Cynthia Levinson-
I barely started reading the prologue of this one before I had to set it aside in disgust. It was frankly rather, well, odd the way she wrote about her. It came across as an over glossed book that tried entirely too hard to sell you on something. I like biographies, but, this one just terrible.

The Iron Tomb by Peter Vegas-
I picked this one up on a whim from the library and it was a massive disappointment. I was expecting it to be thrilling and full of witty middle grade adventure. Sadly, the only thing I ended up being was so very bored. It had the potential to be good...with more editing and maybe an overhaul of the flow of the plot.

Well guys, these were the absolute worst books that crossed before my eyes last year. Not a single one of them made it the finish pile; as they were less then sub par.
Tomorrow (if I finish, that is), we shall discuss the books that brought me joy last year. The one's that hooked my attention and were graced with the honor of me reading them cover-to-cover.

Until then, may your year be full of wonderful books, people; meaningful conversation; hope and joy.

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