Thursday, March 23, 2017

Non-Fiction Review: How to Pack

How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip by Hitha Palepu, March 7, 2017. 128 pages. Published by  Clarkson Potter Publishers. Source: Blogging for Books.
It's time to pack perfect. Every trip, every time. Your journey starts here. When you travel, the journey is just as important as the destination--and packing is the first step. In How to Pack, Hitha Palepu, a former consultant who has traveled more than 500,000 cumulative miles around the world, shows that what and how you pack are who you are. Confidence and comfort inspire success upon arrival, whether you're exploring a new city, hoping to nail a job interview, or relaxing on a beach. In How to Pack, you'll learn about:
- Power Pieces vs. Fantasy Pieces: How clothing earns its place in your suitcase
- The Accessory Math Secret: The precise formula for all you need to finish off your outfits
- Folding versus Rolling: What's right for which items
- Globetrotter Gorgeous: Editing your beauty routine while still looking great
- The Packing Timeline: How to avoid "I'm forgetting something" syndrome
- Pack Perfect Lists: Samples and blanks for any kind of trip

Okay, while this may not be the typical book you'll see featured here, I just could not resist. Not only is the binding darling, especially in person, Hitha Palepu has some wonderful advice for how to pack. Not only for the trip, whatever kind it may be, but how to be a confident packer as well as how to roll that confidence in packing into whatever you're setting out for.
  • First off, I really enjoyed the way Hitha Palepu wrote. She took what could have been a dull topic and just made it fun. Each section was short yet very insightful. 
  • Another reason I found myself enjoying How to Pack was that she explained her reasoning on packing this way in an open way. There was no judging; just Hitha Palepu trying to pass on what she's learned from her extensive traveling. Also, it was not like she was commanding you to pack a certain way, or certain items, to do it "right". Just, you know, suggestions on how to make the whole process smoother. 
  • I don't know about you, but I did not think the book could get even better. I mean come on, the binding is adorable as can be and the contents are super helpful, BUT! But there's tear out packing lists in the back to help you out! All to make sure that you don't over-pack or forget something vital. 

Final Verdict: How to Pack- Delightfully packaged and full of useful information! Definitely a must-have for travelers looking to learn the art of packing smartly for all trips (business and pleasure).

How to Pack earns

A copy of this book was received through Blogging for Books in consideration for review. All thoughts are my own.

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