Friday, July 28, 2017

Spinning Pages (18): The Midnight Queen/No oh oh

Oftentimes, while I'm reading a song will pop into my head because the book makes me think of it; sometimes the reverse happens and a random song will make me think of a book I have readSpinning Pages is a combination of my love for books and music. More often than not, the inspiration for these posts strikes while I have music thumping in my ears while exercising (kind of like how this feature came to be). 

So, yeah, The Midnight Queen and I did not see eye-to-eye. I was sorely disappointed in this book that could not even make it out of the prologue. It was just boring and the character, whose name I've forgotten, was just annoying as all get out. 

But here's a song's lyrics that perfectly sum up my thoughts on it.

No Oh Oh by CLC-
Don’t keep calling me like that
Eh-oh, eh-oh, no no
No, no, no, it’s no
The future you are thinking, no oh oh

Do not ask me to look back
Eh-oh, eh-oh, no no
No, no, no, it’s no
The future you are thinking, no oh oh

Let go, there’s gonna be trouble
Don’t do this, you’ll get in trouble

(English lyrics from Color Coded Lyrics)

While I don't feel like going into, another, a diatribe on why I disliked Sylvia Izzao Hunter's The Midnight Queen, I thought why not pair it with a song to set my feelings down on it. 

I so so wanted to like this one! First off, it has a map!! And we all know that I love books with maps!! So imagine my disappointment to not be in bookish love with all aspects of The Midnight Queen!! Secondly, the main character just annoyed me to no end! I wanted nothing more than to slap him and to tell him to grow a spine. 

If you want a more clear cut discussion on why I DNF'd The Midnight Queen by Sylvia Izzao Hunter, then, please, check out my review.  

Don't forget to check out the full song, and video, for CLC's No oh oh!! You definitely want to watch the video as it is so colorful and cute!! Also, the song is really fun to listen to as well. 


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