Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I Want to Read It (65): Curse of the Iris

I Want to Read It, a hybrid between WLW (or WOW) and what's on my to-be-read pile. Well, instead of focusing just on books I would like to acquire, I will be using it to feature books that I just want to read. From the ones, I want to buy to the one's sitting on my TBR at home.

Curse of the Iris (Jupiter Pirates, 2) by Jason Fry, December 16, 2014. Published by HarperCollins. Source: TBR 
It's been a tough year for Tycho Hashoone and his family. Hostilities between the Jovian Union and Earth have reached a boiling point. The privateering business hasn't exactly been booming. And the ongoing contest for the captain's seat of the Shadow Comet has the three Hashoone siblings perpetually on edge. Then the Hashoones intercept a ship--one with a long-dead crew, its final mission a warning to all who seek their fortunes in space. The Hashoones don't have time for ill omens; they need a payday. Following clues from the mysterious ship, they embark on a hunt for the long-lost treasure of the Iris--a treasure that Tycho's own great-grandfather Johannes had a hand in hiding. But in his quest for the Iris cache, Tycho is going to dig up much more than he bargained for. Because like old pirate treasure, family secrets never stay buried for long.


I was surprised to find a copy of Curse of the Iris hiding in my TBR stack after finishing, so lucky me, and with all the history and secrets mentioned throughout the Hunt for the Hydra, I am in desperate need to see how the answers will impact the characters and their livelihood. 

While I was not completely in bookish "love" with the first volume of Jason Fry's Jupiter Pirates, it was good enough that I am willing to read the second book to get more answers. I'm really looking forward to another round of adventure with the Hashoone clan as piece together the mystery of the Iris and what really happened all those years ago!!

Curious as to what I thought about Hunt for the Hydra, then be sure to check out my review.

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