Friday, August 11, 2017

Spinning Pages (20): Hunt for the Hydra/Galaxy

Oftentimes, while I'm reading a song will pop into my head because the book makes me think of it; sometimes the reverse happens and a random song will make me think of a book I have readSpinning Pages is a combination of my love for books and music. More often than not, the inspiration for these posts strikes while I have music thumping in my ears while exercising (kind of like how this feature came to be). 

On this week's edition of Spinning Pages, we are taking off into the outer reaches of space to pair Jason Fry's Hunt for the Hydra, a fairly enjoyable middle-grade book set in space, with some lyrics from a random song from my playlist. 

Stick around to see why I chose Galaxy by Wa$$up, as well as the selected lyrics, to go with the first volume of The Jupiter Pirates!!

Galaxy by Wa$$up-
Galaxy, out of all the stars
Your love is fantasy,
don’t wake me up if this is a dream

Bring the action
On this dark night,
in this big universe,
it feels like we’re the only two people
something about us
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun,
same smile, different feeling
Making my heart beat,
it makes my heart beat every night

(English lyrics from Color Coded Lyrics)
 When I think of the characters, all of the Hashoone's to be more precise, in my opinion, these lyrics are perfect. To me, the lyrics, in the first paragraph,  make me think of their love for space and adventure as pirates privateers. While the last paragraph, does a fairly good job describing how Tcho feels about it; one of the things I liked best about Hunt for the Hydra, was the way the author described their relationship with space.

Curious to see my further thoughts, both positive and less so, on Jason Fry's Hunt for the Hydra then hop on over to check out my review.

Want to hear the full version of Wa$$up's Galaxy, then you are in luck because you can listen to the audio below!! Hope you'll enjoy the song as it's one of my favorites from them!!


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