Thursday, October 12, 2017

Review: A Heart Like Mary's

A Heart Like Mary's: 31 Daily Meditations to Help You Live and Love as She Does by Edward Looney, October 6, 2017. 160 pages. Published by Ave Maria Press. Source: Publisher.
A Heart Like Mary's is the perfect book for all Catholics wishing to begin or deepen their devotion to Mary. Author and Marian theologian Rev. Edward Looney guides us through thirty-one daily meditations on the unique characteristics of Mary’s heart. This easy-to-read and engaging monthly devotional is full of practical lessons that address the personal challenges we all face as Mary’s fellow pilgrims walking the path of faith.

In the midst of feeling lost in his prayer life and relationship with God, Fr. Looney found himself reflecting on who Mary is and how he could be more like her. He learned that by daily meditating on Mary's attributes and praying for the grace to have a heart like hers he could turn his pessimistic and critical thoughts into optimistic and charitable ones.

A Heart Like Mary's offers readers a simple yet reflective introduction to Marian spirituality by way of a month-long daily devotional. Readers come away with a clear sense of who Mary was, how she cares for and looks after the faithful, and how we can honor her in our daily lives.

I was so surprised and excited to have received a copy of Fr. Edward Looney's A Heart Like Mary's in the post for review consideration. It was a timely received book; one whose message of praying for a heart like Mary's that was much needed.

  • I'll be honest here, I know that it was supposed to be thirty-one days of meditations...but I read it in one day. On the bright side, my reading it in one day was so that I could review it sooner with the plan of rereading it again starting this week; that and I have my parents and sisters reading it, too, now. 
  •  There was so much to enjoy about this book, from the short meditations about different characteristics of Mary's heart and how to implement them in your life, to how so many of the passages, like patience, spoke right to my heart. I mentioned above that this book arrived in a timely fashion, a time that I needed to hear to be more patient, so a lot of aspects of the book felt more personal.  
  • Fr. Edward Looney's writing was really refreshing. The way he laid out the daily meditations, as well as the broad scope of them, made the book light yet full of depth of the heart of Mary. As he pointed out, this is in no way an exhaustive look at her attributes, nor of how we can learn from her life, but a good starting point to gaining a better understanding of her and how she can draw us closer to Jesus.  
Final Verdict: A Heart Like Mary's- A beautiful look into the heart of Mary; a clear and simple message to help you grow in your faith. 

A Heart Like Mary's earns

A copy of this book was received for review consideration. All thoughts are my own.

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