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All About Middle Grade Review: Blueberry Pancakes Forever


Blueberry Pancakes Forever (Finding Serendipity, 3) by Angelica Banks, February 7, 2017. 320 pages. Published by Henry Holt and Co. Source: Publisher.
Winter has fallen in the world of story, and at Brown Street, Tuesday's typewriter lies silent. Far away in the Peppermint Forest, Vivienne Small fears that she will never again feel the touch of the sun...But when the mysterious Loddon appears in Vivienne's treehouse, he brings with him terrible danger. Without warning, Tuesday is swept up into the world of story as she has never seen it before. In this forbidding and unfamiliar place - and without her beloved dog Baxterr at her side - Tuesday becomes Loddon's captive. But who exactly is this strange boy? And will she find a way to defeat him?..Blueberry Pancakes Forever will capture the hearts of everyone who is entranced by the power of story.
First Sentence
This is how it is when winter falls.

There was a specific reason that I had put off reading the final adventure in the Finding Serendipity or Tuesday McGilllycuddy series (I've seen it both ways). Not only was I not ready to see this delightful series draw to an end, but there was this thing, from the last book, that happens in the beginning and my poor heart. 
  • As much as the beginning of the book hurt my heart, I'm glad that I finally read the end of the series. It was a good way to send off to the series. Sure, it started off quite sad as the world of Vivienne Small had frosted over, due to what was happening in the mind of Serendipity from the end of the previous book, but the end leaves you with a warm feeling. 
  • There are almost too many aspects of Blueberry Pancakes Forever to discuss, especially when attempting to not spoil the end of the series. As a reader, you will be taken on the rollercoaster of emotions that both Serendipity and Tuesday are facing, one that they need to see through to the end in order to keep moving forward. As sad as it was to see the characters suffering, it was really well written the way they had to work through their pain; it also opened to the story to see more of Serendipity's past that shaped her without taking away from Tuesday role in the book. I just really enjoyed the way their stories tied together.
  • When I mentioned that you get to learn more about Serendipity's past, I should have been a little more clear. Her past has just as much to do with the book as the sorrow that befell them. It was nice to see a certain someone, who was mentioned briefly in the first book (I believe), waltz into the story. They made a nice addition to the cast and brought some life back into their lives. 
  • In short, the ending was really well done. I enjoyed how well the plot was tied up and the journey that the characters took during the series. Sure, it was painful at times but not pointless. Overall, the entire series is really imaginative and well worth checking out. 
Final Verdict: Blueberry Pancakes Forever- A rollercoaster worthy ending to a fascinating series. 

An advanced copy of this book was received for review consideration. All thoughts are my own.

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