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All About Middle Grade Review: Hurricane Rescue

Hurricane Rescue (Hero, 2) by Jennifer Li Shotz, June 20, 2017. 192 pages. published by HarperCollins. Source: Publisher.
When a dangerous hurricane strikes town and Jack and his puppy, Scout, go missing, retired search-and-rescue dog Hero is the only one who can track them down.

Hero and his human, Ben, set off into the woods, but when the storm surges out of control, the group is suddenly trapped with no way out. Now it’s up to Hero to get everyone home safe and sound. Together, Hero and Ben fight for their lives—but can Hero battle his way past alligators, mudslides, and raging floods?
First Sentence
Hero was perfect.

I contemplated not reading this book because I'm not really into books with animals as they usually end poorly...for the animal. Yet, I decided to give this one a chance because, well, there was the possibility of at least one hurricane heading our way and it just felt fitting to read it during that time. Weird reasoning, I know.

  • For me, the story itself was interesting as was the characters. Though not necessarily a story that will leave a long-lasting impression on my mind. It was just one of those books that you read and enjoy in the moment, but don't necessarily love with a plan on ever rereading. You know. 
  •  My intention is not to be rude with the above statement, that's just how some books leave me feeling. Though I did really enjoy the close relationship Ben had with his dog, the retired police/rescue dog, Hero. The trust and teamwork that they used during the book were really well written. I guess you could say Ben and Hero were my favorite aspect of this book; that and the way they were written.
  • You know what, the circumstances that lead Ben and Hero out into the hurricane to search for their friend made me incredibly sad. I just felt so badly for his friend that was hurting so much and missing his father that he would do something as stupid as not heading the warnings. Though the whole situation definitely improved the friendship between Ben's two friends. 
  • For being such a short book. Jennifer Li Shotz did a great job creating tension during the rescue and showcasing how well the characters, dog included, could work together to weather the storm. 
Final Verdict: Hero: Hurricane Rescue- An entertaining way to talk about the dangers of being out during a hurricane and to show the skills that rescue dogs are capable of. 

Hurricane Rescue earns
A copy of this book was received for review consideration. All thoughts are my own.

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