Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I Want to Read It (78): Icebreaker

I Want to Read It, a hybrid between WLW (or WOW) and what's on my to-be-read pile. Well, instead of focusing just on books I would like to acquire, I will be using it to feature books that I just want to read. From the ones, I want to buy to the one's sitting on my TBR at home.

Icebreaker (The Hidden, 1) by Lian Tanner, August 18, 2015. Published by Feiwel & Friends. Source: Want to read.
Twelve-year-old Petrel is an outcast, the lowest of the low on the Oyster, an ancient icebreaker that has been following the same course for three hundred years. In that time, the ship's crew has forgotten its original purpose and broken into three warring tribes. Everyone has a tribe except Petrel, whose parents committed such a terrible crime that they were thrown overboard, and their daughter ostracized.

But Petrel is a survivor. She lives in the dark corners of the ship, speaking to no one except two large grey rats, Mister Smoke and Missus Slink. Then a boy is discovered, frozen on an iceberg, and Petrel saves him, hoping he'll be her friend. What she doesn't know is that for the last three hundred years, the Oyster has been guarding a secret. A secret that could change the world.

A secret that the boy has been sent to destroy, along with the ship and everyone on it...

I just really want to know what 'secret' it is they're supposed to be protecting and what it was that caused Petrel's parents to be cast overboard. I have too many questions and I need answers to them!! Hence why I want to read it. 

Though the cover threw me ff at first as I thought it was going to be about the Titanic....just me, okay.

Have you read Icebreaker? If so, what did you think of it?

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