Friday, November 17, 2017

Spinning Pages (34): Hurricane Rescue

Oftentimes, while I'm reading a song will pop into my head because the book makes me think of it; sometimes the reverse happens and a random song will make me think of a book I have readSpinning Pages is a combination of my love for books and music. More often than not, the inspiration for these posts strikes while I have music thumping in my ears while exercising (kind of like how this feature came to be). 

This week on Spinning Pages takes us to Gulfport, Mississippi where a hurricane is barring down upon them; and where a rescue to save the life of their missing friend is underway during one of the biggest storms to hit. 

Who's ready to see what song will be paired with Jennifer Li Shotz's Hurricane Rescue!! This week's song is totally out of left field for me; it was a song that one of my sisters listened to that happened to pop into my head while putting this post together!

Hero by Skillet-
I need a hero to save my life
I need a hero just in time
Save me just in time
Save me just in time

Who's gonna fight for what's right
Who's gonna help us survive
We're in the fight of our lives
(And we're not ready to die)

I warned you that the song was completely out of the norm for me, yet these lyrics fit the situation so well that I could not not use them for this book. I mentioned above that the main character and Hero, the retired rescue dog, set off to rescue their friend who is lost during the hurricane; for me, these lyrics really touch upon the feelings that went through not only their Ben's head but also the one being rescued.

You can always check out my review of Hurricane Rescue to see my thoughts on it, or read the book then listen to the song and see if you agree with the pairing!!

If you're not familiar with Hero by Skillet, then check out the music video below to listen to the entire song!!

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