Friday, April 13, 2018

Spinning Pages (49): Freefall

Oftentimes, while I'm reading a song will pop into my head because the book makes me think of it; sometimes the reverse happens and a random song will make me think of a book I have readSpinning Pages is a combination of my love for books and music. More often than not, the inspiration for these posts strikes while I have music thumping in my ears while exercising (kind of like how this feature came to be). 

This week on Spinning Pages takes us to a world divided and on the brink of disaster. As only the 'chosen' few will be allowed to embark on a journey to find a new world. Keep reading to see this week's pairing!!

You're No Good by Linda Ronstadt-
Feeling better now that we're through
Feeling better cause I'm over you
I learned my lesson, it left a scar
Now I see how you really are

You're no good
You're no good
You're no good
Baby you're no good

How should I put this, I ended up DNf-ing this book because it was, well, it wasn't any good. You probably guessed, but I chose this song and set of lyrics based solely on my feelings after trudging through 190+ pages before calling it quits on Freefall.

If you're curious as to why I ended up unable to finish Freefall, even though I was over halfway done with it, then check out my review.

You can listen to Linda Ronstadt's You're No Good below!

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