Wednesday, May 30, 2018

I Want to Read It (52): The Shroud of Turin: A Case for Authenticity

I Want to Read It, a hybrid between WLW (or WOW) and what's on my to-be-read pile. Well, instead of focusing just on books I would like to acquire, I will be using it to feature books that I just want to read. From the ones, I want to buy to the one's sitting on my TBR at home.

The Shroud of Turin: A Case for Authenticity by Fr. Vittorio Guerrera, December 2, 2000. Published by TAN Books.
A fast-paced book that is easy to read; The Shroud of Turin is guaranteed to interest everyone and give convincing proof--despite the recent propaganda to the contrary--that the Shroud of Turin is the actual burial cloth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Filled with facts of science and history; you are guaranteed to learn a lot! Well researched and well written. This book is small and doesn't take too long to read -- makes a great gift!


Last month, I not only listened to a recorded talk from Fr. Spitzer and then I had the chance to hear him speak at IBT (on "Science, Near Death Experiences, and the Shroud of Turin"), so I was hoping to find more books on it when I stumbled on Fr. Vittorio Guerrera's The Shroud of Turin: A Case for Authenticity.

The write-up on the back cover, which I can't find anywhere, gives a better glimpse as to why this book sounds so well researched. If you're looking for a more scientific angle that speaks about the "how" the Shroud of Turin could be true, then you really need to check out Fr. Spitzer's work (here are some great resources), as well as this book because it has a lot of promise. I just really want to read it and see what his take on the Shroud is! I'll just flail around here because this IS exciting!!

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