Review Policy

Review Policy:
  • Print books only 
  • Young Adult 
  • Middle Grade books 
  • Manga and graphic novels- any age range…except for mature. 
  • Audiobooks- Young Adult, Mid-grade. 
Note: I do have preferences within the YA/MG age groups, but, am open to submissions compassing all genres within them. I like to read and I like variety.

What I cannot accept for review:
  • Ebooks, PDFs, or any other digitally formatted book. Digital books hurt my eyes something fierce. 
  • Adult books, they just don't work for me as a reader. The only exception I may make for adult books is for fantasy or sci-fi books. Other than that, adult books are a no-go here.
Other than reviews I promote YA/MG Books with:
  • Book tours. I absolutely love participating in blog tours, so, if you're hosting one or your book is going on tour feel free to shoot me an email. My schedule fills up quick, so, you may want to email at least two months before the tour is set to begin. 
  • Young Adult and Middle Grade Author interviews 
  • Guest posts *only rule is that you keep your post clean* 
  • Promotional giveaways 
When Contacting:
  • Please, include as much information about the title, author, and time frame of when a review would be needed, as possible. 
  • I get a lot of emails, so it may take me at least a week to reply. I, really, try to be prompt but sometimes things happen. 
  • Please, include the author's name and the book’s title in the subject line of the email, should you choose to email me. If it’s blank, or sounds spammy, I will not open it. 
  • DO NOT attach your book in an email, please. That is an automatic red-card and will see your email sent right to my spam/trash can.
To contact me, please, email me at hauntingorchid(at)aol(dot)com or by filling out the contact form on the sidebar.


  1. Your blog design is gorgeous. Just saw link to this blog on twitter.

    1. Thank you, Emma! So excited that you like the design. *beams* ^_^

  2. I can't follow you via GFC. Can you please add email? Thanks!

    Audrey @ Ink and Page


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